Electric Vehicle Sales Show Continuous Growth in May 2018 Report

Tesla Model S | The Machine Photography

A recent report from Inside EVs shows the steady sales growth of electric cars in the United States, with approximately 21,464 electric vehicles sold in May 2018 alone. This number is expected to grow as the final numbers are calculated and reported. This year has been one of the best performing years to date, outperforming the previous years month after month.

Source: Inside EVs

In May 2018, Tesla sold 18,305 of its most popular electric vehicle – the Model 3. Tesla also sold 8,070 and 6,975 of its Model S and Model X respectively. Nissan is not too far behind, selling 5,292 LEAFs so far this year.

What does this mean for current EV owners?

As the adoption of electric vehicles increases, so will the demand for charging stations, which could potentially add to the frustration that already exists due to the extra planning that takes place whenever electric charge is needed and charging stations are not within reach. This means that EV owners will have to be more strategic as more electric vehicles enter the market and EV sales continue to break records.

The future of EVs is looking bright and the growth in EV sales serves as an indicator to the auto industry’s current shift towards electrification, which is set to continue in the years to come.


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