Is your product available to the public?

SparkCharge is currently B2B and not selling directly to individual EV owners. Instead, we are partnering up with established OEMs, roadside assistance companies, ridesharing companies, and other service providers to make charging-as-a-service available everywhere!

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, click here.

What are the product specifications?

Our specification sheet can be found here. 

How fast does it charge my vehicle?

Our portable charging unit delivers up to 80 miles of range per hour*. This is 6-8x faster than a level 2 charging system and 14x faster than a level 1 charger. 

*Up to 80 miles per hour is based on an EPA rating of 250Wh/mi. 

What electric vehicles are compatible with the charging unit?

Our charging unit is currently CHAdeMo compatible. We will be releasing a CCS plugin in 2020. 

Common examples of CHAdeMO compatible vehicles are the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Models S, 3, and X. Consult your vehicle’s owner manual to confirm compatibility with the CHAdeMO charging connector.

For a list of CHAdeMO compatible car manufacturers, click here. 

For a list of CCS compatible car manufacturers, click here. 

How long does it take to recharge a battery pack?

The charging unit is compatible with a 220V AC outlet as well as a 120V outlet. With a 220V AC outlet, the unit takes about 3 hours to recharge. With a 120V outlet, the unit can be recharged in 4 hours. 

How does the modular feature work?

The modularity allows you to use multiple battery packs with a single charging unit. Simply stack multiple battery packs to get more range. 

How much range can one battery pack carry?

Each 3.5 kWh battery pack can hold up to 14-15 miles of range. Battery packs can be stacked on top of each other to extend the amount of range.

Will the weight of the charging unit decrease an EV’s range?

No, an electric vehicle’s range rating is reflective of five adult passengers and added cargo. This should not decrease in range from this unit. To see a decrease in range from weight, an EV owner would have to add an additional 500+ pounds of weight on top of five adult passengers and cargo.

What is the life expectancy of the battery?

Our chargers are rated at 10,000 cycles and our batteries are rated at 1,000 cycles.

Do the units have any safety certifications?

All of our production units are UL tested and certified. UL is an international organization, 125 years old, with a mission of certifying safe, secure and sustainable products, facilities, processes, and systems for organizations to use.  They do this by testing and validating product use, under industry standards, and using hazard-based safety engineering and data acumen. Please read more about UL here

What is the length of the charging cable?

Our current CHAdeMO plug is 8 feet and 2 inches long. 

Can you charge with solar or renewable energy?

Our units can be recharged using renewable or solar energy provided by your sustainable energy provider. 

Is a permit required to use your units?

No permitting, licensing, or trenching is necessary to use our charging units.