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Charge Van

Faster Than Towing, and More Profitable

Roadside assistance providers have an incredibly dificult job. The longer you stay on the side of the road the more opportunity there is for something to go wrong. Being able to quickly powering up of charge EVs, get you and your customer back on the road faster and safer. You don't even need to use a tow truck to help your customer!

Deliver Charge Where and When Its Needed

EV owners don't want to worry about charging their vehicles, and many will happily pay a premium to do so. Our truly portable charging systems allow you to fulfill a huge need in the EV community. Add EV charging service to your current business or start an on-demand charging company.

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Deliver energy in your free time.

You are an Independent Contract. You are your own boss (LLC or a c corp), and you are looking to expand your hustle into a new market. Whether you are a ride share driver, food delivery, or a mobile car service, you need to diversify your offerings to get more customers, and earn more money. EV charging has huge potential and getting into the business with SparkCharge is easy.

Independent Operator

Automotive OEM

Your Customers Are Hesitating to Purchase Your EVs Because of "Range Anxiety"

One of the biggest obstacles in purchasing EVs is the fear of not finding a charing location or running out of charge. By offering your customers portable charging you are eliminating "range anxiety" and replacing it with an outstanding customer experience that sets you apart from the competition.
Utilities and Fleet Management

Get the Charge When and Where We Need It

Keeping your fleet and your customers moving is priority one, but what happens when a driver runs out of charge on the road or your lot doesn’t have enough charging stations to keep those wheels turning? Going green and staying green is a challenge when the infrastructure isn't capable of supporting your efforts. Our portable charges can keep everyone moving, and are crucial in times of extreme weather.