Portable Chargers

Portable - Powerful - Profitable

Portable EV Charging System

Charge fast, charge safe, charge anywhere. The future of EV charging is portable.

No Installation Needed

It’s plug and play! Electric vehicle owners no longer need to be tied down to a station or pay expensive installation costs. Instead, they can be charged anytime and anywhere.


Range anywhere you need it.

We carefully designed our charging system to be compact and light. This allows you to reach EVs no matter where they are. No special vehicles are required, keeping your equipment costs minimal.

More modules More range

Our stackable batteries can deliver up to 60-75 miles per full stack and work together to deliver the exact amount of range needed. Owning multiple batteries allows you to keep accepting more charge requests, simply recharge the batteries you are not using and then take them on the next job.

Long Lasting, Quick Reuse

Our batteries can be recharged in 4 hours making it easy to reuse them more than once a day. You can easily achieve over 1500 cycles without significant degradation. This means you can complete a charge everyday for over 4 years!


Fastest portable charger on the market

This is a Level 3 ultrafast charger, capable of delivering 1 mile every 60 seconds. That's up to 8x faster than most wired chargers. Faster charging means more time to serve more customers and earn more money!

Service more vehicles

Capable of servicing CHAdeMO and Tesla vehicles now. CCS Combo coming soon.

Customize Your Charge

Choose the battery to charger ratio that works for your business. The more batteries you own the more customers you can service.

Level 1 Package

Level 3 Charging 7 kWh 24 - 30 Miles of Range

Level 1 Charging System

Level 2 Package

Level 3 Charging 10.5 kWh 36 - 45 Miles of Range

Level 3 Package

Level 3 Charging 14 kWh 48 - 60 Miles of Range

Level 4 Package

Level 3 Charging 17.5 kWh 60 - 75 Miles of Range

100% Gas Free - Green Energy

Using a gasoline-powered generator to recharge an EV goes against every reason consumers purchase EVs.