Range Anxiety Explained: Why Portable Charging is Key 🔑

So, you’ve made the switch to an electric vehicle. You’ve eliminated your fuel costs and are doing your part to reduce emissions and help the environment.

All your worries are now behind you…. Right?

Not quite. Making the switch to an electric car introduces an issue that you may never have had to worry about.

Enter range anxiety… Something that EV owners have been dealing with for years.


What is Range Anxiety?

Range anxiety is the fear that your electric vehicle will not have enough charge to reach your destination.

Imagine this:

You’re taking a long distance trip or driving around town in your EV and you realize your battery doesn’t have enough juice for you to make it to point B. Can you peel off at the next exit or pull your car into the closest gas station?

If only it were that easy. With an estimated 1 fast charging station for every 555 electric vehicles, EV charging infrastructure is just more difficult to come by.

At SparkCharge, we believe you shouldn’t have to constantly be worrying about your next charge.


How SparkCharge is Eliminating Range Anxiety

At SparkCharge, we know that range anxiety is the number one problem that interested consumers face when purchasing an electric vehicle.

To help resolve this issue, we have developed a portable electric vehicle charging unit that is small, ultrafast, and modular. The chargers are compact and can be delivered to an EV owner on demand, creating an infrastructure that allows an electric vehicle owner to have their car charged anywhere.

Our goal is to make charging your electric vehicle as easy as ordering a pizza. We’re partnering with OEMs, roadside assistance providers, ridesharing companies, and fleets to make this possible.

In other words, if an EV owner runs out of range, with the push of a button, their towing company can meet them and give them enough to complete their trip. Or an EV owner can order range to their car through a smartphone app while shopping or grabbing a coffee.

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