Sales for Electric Cars in New York Increase by 74%


Last week New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reported that in the state of New York, electric car sales have increased 74% over the same time period of the past year. This was a direct result of the Drive Clean Rebate initiative which was introduced on March 21 of this year.

Governor Cuomo states “The Drive Clean Rebate helps more and more New Yorkers join our fight against climate change by purchasing clean vehicles and reducing greenhouse gas emissions”. This rebate is a $70 million initiative in which residents of the state of New York are entitled to up to a $2,000 rebate with the purchase of an electric vehicle.

With the introduction of this initiative in order to reduce carbon emissions, New York is also has a steady plan to bring more awareness to electric cars and the benefits they bring as well as installing more charging sites and technologies for these vehicles.

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