SparkCharge Launches Portable, Ultrafast Charging Unit For Electric Vehicles


[BUFFALO, NY] – SparkCharge has officially announced the launch of their portable, ultrafast charging unit for electric vehicles. SparkCharge’s portable charging unit will help create a mobile, on demand electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

“SparkCharge is bridging the gap between electric vehicle owners and charging stations by changing the perception and way electric vehicle owners charge their car. Our mission is to make electric vehicle travel as easy as possible. By removing the charging limitations to electric vehicles, we believe we can help the electric vehicle market grow at a faster rate.” Said Joshua Aviv, CEO of SparkCharge.

SparkCharge’s revolutionary electric vehicle charger has a modular design, allowing multiple battery packs to be connected to each other for increased range.

This new technology allows any service provider to deliver range to an electric vehicle owner anytime, anywhere. This new way of charging will open the door for electric vehicle owners to have their cars charged in a way they never have in the past. Limitations and questions like when, where, and how an electric vehicle gets charged will be taken out of the equation. SparkCharge’s unit is a level 3 charger, which can charge up to 1 mile every 60 seconds – six times faster than the average charging station.

Recently, SparkCharge was the recipient of a $1 million investment at the 43North startup competition in Buffalo, New York. Since then, they have partnered with some of the most distinguished names in the automotive industry, which will be announced soon.

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About SparkCharge

SparkCharge is creating a more efficient and connected world of transportation with our portable, ultrafast, and modular electric vehicle charger. Since the chargers are compact, they can be delivered to an electric vehicle owner whenever and wherever. This creates a mobile, on-demand charging infrastructure that allows EV owners to have their cars charged anytime and anywhere.