SparkCharge Charger and Battery

SparkCharge, Creator of Truly Portable UltraFast Electric Vehicle Chargers, Announces the Closing of its $3.3m Seed Funding Led by PJC

SparkCharge, makers of the only portable ultra-fast, modular electric vehicle (EV) chargers in the world, today announced the closing of $3.3 million in seed round financing led by PJC with participation from Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund, PEAK6 Strategic Capital, M&T Bank, and Tale Venture Partners, in addition to other investors.

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Electric Vehicles Take Over Super Bowl LIV

As one of the most watched events of the year, the Super Bowl captures about 100 million viewers. This year there were not one, not two, but three new commercials showcasing electric vehicles!

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Beginners Guide to EV Ownership | SparkCharge

The Beginner’s Guide to Electric Vehicle Ownership

If you’re considering becoming the owner of a brand new electric vehicle (EV), then you probably have some questions about what you need to know to be prepared. In this guide, we’re going to cover all of the basics, starting with the social impact of electric vehicles, and finishing with terms you should know.

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How Major Automakers Are Planning For Electrification

Here’s How (And Why) Major Automakers Are Planning For Electrification ⚡

The planet is warming, natural disasters are increasing in prevalence and destructive potential, and people around the world are starting to open their eyes to the importance of investing in an environment we are going to leave for our children, and their children’s children. People are no longer okay with the wasteful mentality that riddled […]

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Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging: Traditional vs. Portable

More people than ever before are considering the cost savings, versatility, and environmental benefits of driving an electric car today. So much so, that electric car sales in the U.

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Electric Vehicle Sales Show Continuous Growth in May 2018 Report

A recent report from Inside EVs shows the steady sales growth of electric cars in the United States, with approximately 21,464 electric vehicles sold in May 2018 alone. This number is expected to grow as the final numbers are calculated and reported.

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Plug-In Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Saved by the Senate?

The past few weeks, there has been much discussions in the electric vehicle industry regarding the tax reform that’s been proposed by the government.

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Oil Giant Shell to Acquire Large Electric Charging Company

In a move to stay ahead of the market, multinational oil and gas company Shell has announced that they will acquire large electric charging company NewMotion. NewMotion is Netherlands-based and has supplied over 30,000 private stations and 50,000 public stations throughout Europe.

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MACNY on SparkCharge and the Future of EV Charging

MACNY, The Manufacturers Association, recently featured SparkCharge in an article about electric vehicles in an October 2017 newsletter. Discussed is an overview of SparkCharge’s inception, current efforts, and the future of portable charging for electric vehicles.

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Sales for Electric Cars in New York Increase by 74%

  Last week New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reported that in the state of New York, electric car sales have increased 74% over the same time period of the past year. This was a direct result of the Drive Clean Rebate initiative which was introduced on March 21 of this year.

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