No more range anxiety.

We are partnering with service providers to deliver range to electric vehicle owners anytime, anywhere.


Ran out of range during your trip? No more waiting to be towed.


No more planning around when or where your next charge will be.


Increase your freedom to charge wherever and whenever you want.

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Imagine driving your electric vehicle from Los Angeles to San Francisco and not having to worry about where your next charge will come from. Now, a service provider can meet you along your journey and provide you with as much range as needed. EV owners no longer have to worry about logistics, towing, and/or the accessibility of pole-based charging stations.

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SparkCharge is partnering with roadside assistance providers to service EV owners when they run out of range. Now, a roadside service provider does not have to deploy a tow truck to service the dead EV. Instead, they can simply send a service van, which can easily transport the charging unit. More importantly, the EV owner does not have to be towed to the nearest charging station to wait hours for their vehicle to charge.

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Connected Services

“Alexa, please order 50 miles of range to my car.” Whether it be an Amazon Alexa or Google Home, over a quarter of the US population now owns a smart speaker. We’re making charging your electric vehicle as easy as ordering a pizza with the connected services model. This opens up opportunities for those of us that don’t have access to home charging stations.

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The convenience model is changing the way that the world does business. We believe charging your electric vehicle shouldn’t be any different. Imagine opening an app on your smartphone and ordering more range to your EV at the push of a button. An EV owner can now receive a charge when they are grocery shopping or grabbing a coffee.

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