Portable and ultrafast charging whenever and wherever you want it.

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Range in your trunk so you can go further.

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Drive further with our portable and ultrafast charging station.

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Portable and ultrafast charger for your electric car.

Enjoy the benefits of charging on demand.

How we're revolutionizing the way you charge

An up close and personal look at SparkCharge's features.

  • Range

    Each single block comes with 3.1kWh or 10 miles of storage, but can be connected to provide as much range as needed in 10 mile increments.

  • Portable

    The unit is portable and lightweight. It can be split into two for easy carrying. The top half only weighs 10 pounds, the bottom half weighs 35 pounds.

  • Speed

    Charge at up to 20 kW or 1 mile per minute.

  • Modular

    Its modularity allows you to connect additional packs as needed to extend your EV's available range.

Rethink the way you charge

Drive further with our portable and ultrafast charging station.

Small. Lightweight. Powerful.

No more range anxiety

Travel further with more range in your trunk. We provide the range you need so you can travel with ease.

No more waiting to be towed.


No more necessary planning around when you charge or where your next charge will be.


Increase your freedom to charge wherever and whenever you want.

What people say

It completely changes the way I think about charging my electric vehicle.

This gives me more freedom to go places off Supercharger routes for longer road trips.

I am a senior salesman at a top Leaf store in the US. This would be useful for my customers.

Can't wait for the product release!