Portable, Ultrafast Electric Vehicle Charging Unit

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We're partnering with corporations & fleets to create a mobile, on-demand EV charging infrastructure.

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We're on a mission to change the electric vehicle industry.

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Portable and ultrafast charger for your electric car.

SparkCharge is creating a more efficient and connected world of transportation with our portable, ultrafast, and modular electric vehicle charger. Since the chargers are compact, they can be delivered to an EV owner whenever and wherever.

This creates a mobile, on-demand charging infrastructure that allows electric vehicle owners to have their cars charged anytime and anywhere.

Rethink the way you charge

Drive farther with our portable and ultrafast charging station.

Small. Lightweight. Powerful.

No more range anxiety

We provide the range you need so you can travel with ease.

Ran out of range during your trip? No more waiting to be towed.


No more planning around when or where your next charge will be.


Increase your freedom to charge wherever and whenever you want.

What people say

It completely changes the way I think about charging my electric vehicle.

This gives me more freedom to go places off Supercharger routes for longer road trips.

I am a senior salesman at a top Leaf store in the US. This would be useful for my customers.

Can't wait for the product release!